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Saras rescue: "A misson to save life" Air Ambulance / Train Ambulance / Road Ambualance.

Saras rescue Facilities


  • What makes SARAS unique?
    We provide completely worry-free BEDSIDE-to-BEDSIDE service by providing a ground ambulance to pick up the patient from their bedside to the nearest possible airport, then fly the patient on an air ambulance that is equipped with Advanced Cardiac Life Support equipment and staffed with a Doctor/ACLS Paramedic. Upon arrival to the destination airport, a ground ambulance will transfer the patient to the final destination. In addition, SARAS provides Medical Escort Service for those patients that require medical care on a commercial airliner.
  • How do I call for an ambulance?
    Call +91-98 18 1919 61. SARAS Ambulance contracts with Fresno EMS for dispatch services. Their operator will answer calls, determine the nature of the emergency and dispatch firs responders and the ambulance.
  • Can I go by ambulance to urgent care?
    The Urgent Care of Community Medical Center Oakhurst is not considered a hospital, or a fully staffed emergency room. Urgent Care is equipped to stabilize certain types of emergencies until an ambulance can transport them to the Fresno, or until they can be released to home. Because Urgent Care is not a full emergency room, it is not always appropriate to transport patients with certain medical problems, such as, major medical, or trauma injuries, to Urgent Care. Additionally, Urgent Care's hours are from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.
  • Can you transfer patients awaiting an organ transplant?
    Yes. We recommend that you contact us prior to the transfer, when you are placed on the transplant list; to discuss our aircraft/ground availability, payment arrangements and other details.
  • Does SARAS Air Ambulance transport patients internationally?
    Yes. at SARAS we can fly anywhere in the world. With the convenience of charters/commercial jet-liners, we can transfer patients within Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, United States, Canada, Australia and various other countries.
  • Why does my ambulance bill cost so much?
    There are many reasons why health care in general is so expensive and none of them are good. We must provide service to anyone who calls +91-9818 1919 61 us regardless of their ability to pay. Still other patients belong to government mandate programs like Medicare and Medi Cal which do not pay the full cost of service. We, as are all health care providers, are prohibited from charging these programs, or their participants, (patients), any more than what these programs pay. As a result our rates are set higher to make up for these short falls.
  • In what areas do you provide service?
    We are located at Mobile. In India we are located in Delhi, Faridabad. Even though we are located in these areas, we also provide services for all the surrounding areas and even long distance services to your final destination.
  • What questions can I ask to determine if an Air Ambulance company is qualified?
    This is a very good question because all providers do not offer the same level of quality. The cheapest company is often not the best choice. A "yes" is an important response to the following:
    Does the company have a Medical Director?
    Is the company's aircraft licensed by the FAA?
    Is the company licensed in their state as an air ambulance?
    Does the company have liability and malpractice insurance?
    Is the company an actual provider and not a broker?
    Does the company staff each flight with a nurse and a paramedic?
    Is the aircraft pressurized?
    Is it a ISO Certified?
    Are the medical crew members trained in altitude physiology?
    Is the Medical Director involved with each flight?
    Does the company provide "bedside to bedside" service?