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Team Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd.. Dr. Adnan Altaf, To start with I would like to thank Almight Allah for making things happen as it should. Team Saras did a great job transferring my uncle via Air Ambulance from Dubai to Chennai. *They work hard with passion and aim at rescuing human lifes*. A good solution for human


Hello Sir, It was a good experience and thankful to you for transferring my dad from Hyderabad to Pune safely. Thanks a

Tushar Zade

Thanks Saras team for excellent service in shifting my mother from dubai to Del. Very professional, timely and structured plus caring service. 🙏 Regards

Naveen Gupta

Thank you Saras, most especially Doc Aslam for bringing home my dad. Thank you so


The service was very satisfactory.Thanks to Sara’s reduce team for making this possible. Special thanks to Dr Aslam for his constant support and guidance in this

Enakshi Mitra
Dear Dr. Aslam, There are no words to admire your service where we were in deep hopelessness to bring my brother -in- law form DMC Hospital Dammam to cochin medical trust for better treatment on 21 April 2016 . We spent almost one week with local social workers for the mobilization of the patient .



Thanks to Dr Aslam and his team who saved my dad’s life evac from Hyderabad to Delhi , and Delhi to New York. I have no words to thanks you what you and your team did for our family is priceless hatz of to you guys and your hard work I am really

Syeda Farooq
848 469 3800
We got a high professional, well known about the how to Handel the patient , who are in the critical condition travel to abroad. The doctor who was assigned for over trip (Addis Ababa to Max hospital Saket Delhi INDIA) was so professional and he know what he do and not to do. We Highly

I will never truly be able to find the words to express my gratitude to Dr Aslam & his team to for providing the seamless service they did. Having experienced the hardest thing in my life of my father being severely unwell in another country and Dr Aslam helped me bring him home in the

Reema Sandhu
It is difficult to explain in words, how thankful we are to Dr. Aslam and kims hospital team. When everyone told us that it’s risky to shift the patient, Dr. Aslam and kims hospital team done it so smoothly that we did not felt even 1% risk. Special thanks to Dr. Aslam and kims hospital

Sanwar mal Choudhary
Dr Aslam is very thorough in what he does. Though we being from Medical field he made sure to come one day in advance and asses the situation. He made thorough plan for shifting my wife who was on high oxygen flow. Dr Aslam did not blink a eye for almost 15 hours when in

Dr Amar Chandock

I am extremely satisfied with Dr Aslam and his team. During this difficult time he make sure patient and his family feels safe and secured. Well done done


Thanks to team of dr aslam for hanging in there when our plan to transfer my father was delayed twice and keeping check about the health updates and giving all transfer possibilities. Finally successfully transfereeing with no hiccups from delhi to hyderabad Thanks a lot

Vivek gupta

I’m really thankful to god and especially Dr Aslam who support us to complete our journey well in time. Thankx once again to Dr Aslam for their sincere

Sanjay Bansal

Very grateful to the whole team who did a fantastic job of transporting my husband from Delhi to Hyderabad. Very efficient, punctual and reliable. They provided all the information in advance and were available for all our questions and clarifications. Many thanks to the whole

Kalpana Sudhakar

We have used the service to Shift my uncle under critical care from UK to India, Dr Parvez was extremely professional and competent throughout the process and we were successful to shift my uncle to India alive. Thank you

Parthiv Kumarswami
It is difficult to explain in words, how thankful we are to Dr. Aslam and team. When everyone told us that it’s risky to shift the patient, Dr. Aslam and team done it so smoothly that we did not felt even 1% risk. Special thanks to Dr. Aslam who made our mother feel confortable by

Pankaj Maheshwari

Patient Haritha Perla reached safely to KIMS Secunderabad without any problem . Thanks to Dr. Amit and Vikas for their

Gurunadha Rao Perla

Thanks for the support and help extended in transferring the Patient from Jaipur to Hyderabad. Good and reliable service rendered by

Arun Nayar

Excellent services, with special gratitude to

Dr.Neeraj Kaushik

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It’s a brilliant team, I would personally like to thanks to Dr. Aslam and his team for shifting our pt from Bhubaneshwar to Hyderabad. Our patient was in ecmo, the team effort was so fantastic in trems of coordination, keep updating, timings and arrangements. Last but not the least great service good human being .

Musir Alam Khan

Thanks for ur supportive & helpful service while shifting my husband from delhi to Hyderabad Thank u vikas &


Very good service. Team of vikas and saurabh ensured all possible measures to take my father comfortablly for bed to bed transfer from Bhopal to Hyderabad. Thanks saras team for all efforts. My only request is to make the transport cost bit more affordable for people who need the

Vinay Goyal

Excellent people, wonderful service; good team work with perfect coordination; what more does a person in emergencies


Aslam sir gave us the word that he I’ll shifting my dad as it is to my native place hospital TMH from Medanta medicity gurugram and the rescue team did it very well..Thanks alot sir and all the rescue

Adarsh Kumar sinha
Saras Team is superb ! I am on Oxygen 24×7 @ 6-7 Ltr/Min so was worried for 24hrs journey . Mr Sunil and his assistant Mr Saurabh made my journey so comfortable and risk free . They are expert and have all contingency backups to control . They are giving personal touch and very friendly

Prabhat Bharadwaj

Ultimate Team, amazing Cooperation, Professional n helping Medical Staff under the Guidance of a wonderful human being Dr Aslam…. Thanks for your support Dr for helping us in shifting my uncle from Ghaziabad to Hyderabad… Thanks to Dr. Sunil also… I owe you big time….

Tarun Bhardwaj

I am thankful to the whole team for full support and wonderful train lift service of my father from Ranchi to

Sujit Bharti

I have availed their service for thrice. Dr. Aslam is always very helpful and his words are always a source of encouragement during the time of

Nilmoni Bargoyari
Some time I really feel thank you is such a small word- when it come to saving life, My husband was airlifted from Nagpur to Hyderabad with the help of Dr. Aslam and team, and that was the first step to wards his life saving, Our gratitude to whole team of Saras, for being with

Mr. Sakshi Ashish Pedhekar

Saras RESCUEi Is a very good service they. Save people’s life by rescuing them by shifting patient they save manys life the DOCTORS and the nurse nature is very good they talk very politely to us thanks for. Doing


Aslam sir made it possible to successfully airlifted my father from ranchi to KIIMS Hyderabad. My father is much stable now.Thanks Dr Aslam Sir.Your intervention to get the documentation process , logistics etc was excellent.Thanks to the Saras

Swikriti Vinaya

Aslam sir u r great,apka dedication n talking way is so polite n doctor team is so nice, I don’t have word to thanks the doctor, Dr Mahesh also great person unme to hamne Bhagwan ko dekha thank u all team for such a great job. API SWAPNA WAGHMARE

Swapna waghmare

In times of distress all one needs is a prompt response and better communication. I have experienced seamless interaction with team saras twice within 1 month. Your warming and participative response is a delight. Thank you very much for what you

Ravi Verma

Excellant your service thank you very much

Amit Kumar
Dear Dr. Aslam You and your team are doing a great work .I appreciate your work, managerial skills and super coordination with hospital, Doctors and patient attendants. I appreciate your sincere effort to handle the critical patient too smoothly and safely. Me and my family Just wanted to express our deep gratitude for the dedicated

Dear Dr.Aslam I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you and your team for shifting my wife who is critically ill from Ranchi to Hyderabad in such a short notice. Entire task has been done in a very professionally and meticulously. Dr. Aslam has co-ordinated the entire task very efficiently. I will be


🙏🙏🙏Thnk u so much doctor. I really appreciate from d bottom of my heart for how u coordinated so well and helped me bring my mom from Ranchi to Banglore by Air Ambulance to d best of facilities. 🙏🙏🙏 Arpita


Hat’s off to you Dr Aslam, I don’t have words to express the experience and my feelings. Such a smooth transition and coordination that needs no further improvement. My heart bows down to the whole Dr. Team and your coordination with then is simply exemplary. All the best. Keep doing great

Lingaraja Sahu

Dr Aslam and his supporting nurse; great job for the transfere of my brother from bangalore to dubai Thank you for the professional service with a human

Ali shaheen

I am very thankful to Dr Aslam and his team to relocate my mother and save her


My friend’s husband was immediately shifeted to Delhi yesterday for heart treatment.It was meraculous help from Dr Aslam.He guided us so well about documentation hence airlifted within hours with no confusion.Thank you Dr Aslam for timely and speedy metaculous help.I am circulating your company’s name with doctors at


The doc did an incredible job, handled the situation and the patient with great care. Alhamdulillah Murtaza is doing well. Thanks.LUNNA


i am a staff of ilbs hospital new 26/11/18 i met with 3 of your technicians incluiding a doctor..before taking mr Dabir to bangladesh they intubated the patient in a very cool environment..i have never seen such an intubation within no time staffs with great

sojan jose

Dr.Aslam we are very much thankful to you and your teammates for the hard work.They shifting my father from Delhi to Bangladesh safely.It is an outstanding service we received from Dr Aslam.Thanku again and again may god bless


We are thankful and grateful for the amazing service by the Saras

Nevil Shaji

Thanks a lot, Dr Aslam & Team!It simply would not have been possible to transfer my critically ill mother to Chennai.The team of attending Doctors were extremely professional with a human touch.It was an excellent service. I would circulate your compay’s name to my peers.May the almighty God bless you

Auritra Nath

Dr.Aslam We are very much thankful to you and your teammates for the hard work.They shifting my friend from Ajman, UAE to Kolkata, India safely. It was an outstanding service we received from Dr Aslam.Thank you, may god bless

Prasanta Mukherjee
Iam very thankful express my sincere gratitude towards Saras rescue team & Dr. ASLAM KHAN for my Mothers transfer From DAMMAM – CALICUT. She was suffering from influenza A , while went for Umrah .Yesterday night she was travelled to India by Medical Escort . Today morning she reached Calicut hospital with very safe .


Dear Dr. Aslam and team,Thank you very much for all your help,support and concern.My dad has been safely escorted to India from Dubai to the Indian hospital by your team.Thank you thank you very much.We are highly obliged by your

This is to put my heart touch words to Doctor Aslam SB.i don’t have words to thanks the doctor.they way possifenal touch work and smileing face to handle the work.the smpolic way doctor shifted my friend from New Delhi to Jakarta who was in COMA STAGE.Whole our Nizamuddin markass in New Delhi impressed on the

Syed Hussain

Thanks Dr Aslam for getting my patient relocate from Ranchi to Delhi within short notice . Your intervention to get the documentation process , logistics etc was excellent.Thanks to the Saras team

amit kumar Sinha

Just want to thank Saras ambulance.The driver was most gentle and careful in transferring. Everything was done in the most professional and respectful manner. Sharma family express the sincere gratitude towards Saras

Sandeep Sharma

The care by Mr Anil while travel, the confidence given by him also the doctor for taking care throughout time, by your sincere effort we’re highly

Sharma Group

Excellant your service thank you very much

Amazing team of Dr. Aslam & Anil Kumar. They way in which they handle the patient during the transfer is amazing. Super knowledge about handling the patient in case of an emergency. Once you book the transfer with them, rest assured that maximum care will be taken to transport the patient. Thank you so much

Bhuvan Dewan

It was an excellent service. I would like to give 5* for thier efforts. They shifted our patient from haridwar to Hubli near about 2500 kms without any major

Shrimukh hegde
Excellent team of Dr. Aslam full of huminity, kindness , care, humble with great knowledge and experience of critical care, way of handling the patient during the transfer is amazing like a family we can trust them as a part of our family during the transfer Thank you so much Dr. Aslam & Saras team

Ajay Vyas
avyas41@Gmail. com

The service was excellent. I am really thankful to Mr. Sameer and his team (Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd.). The way they managed to transfer my Father from Dubai to Lahore was appreciatable.5 out of 5

Asad Farooq
I am writing my feedback from Kabul, AFGHANISTAN. Very very greatly happy and satisfied with Dr. Aslam and his team Specially from Dr. Aslam and Anil Kumar. Prompt response by Dr. Aslam was appreciated. one comment I have is kindly request you all to support and train more your out side country handlers. They should

Abdul Jabar Hakimi

Thank you so much…in this condition of lockdown with your efforts everything went well.NARENDER ARORARAIPUR

Narender Arora

Highly committed focussed dedicated

DrRakesh Gupta
Sir, Happy Doctor’s Day. I am very much obliged with the services not only that you have given to me but for also that you have given to number of patients without going through their religion, casts, region and relationships.. keeping doing good as usual and have a nice and prosperous year ahead.🌹🙏Santosh K Choubey,Income

Santosh kumar choubey

“Only a doctor is blessed with the magical powers to treat a life, to bring health into our lives and to be there with us when we have lost all the hopes. "Happy Doctor’s Day 2020.” 🙏😇RegardsRATAN MOTWANI+91 99770

We are very grateful to Dr.Aslam and his team for airlifting us Team is technically sound and are able to manage any critical situation during journey. We will always recommend others to take his services for hassle free travel. And the best part is that they arranged everything in a very short span of time.

We used the services of Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. to transfer my father from Rashid Hospital (Dubai) to Bhailal Amin Hospital (Vadodara – Gujarat – India). Initially I was worried about there services as didn’t have more information about them on Internet. But as I see my Father Transferred perfectly as per the condition in Dubai, I

Kaushal Gaudana
My mom an ILD patient with high oxygen requirement was airlifted from Mumbai to Bagdogra.Thanks to Dr Aslam and his team. The mission was smooth without hitches in difficult times. Great teamwork. Dr Aslam is very responsive and responsible person and has been answering all our queries whenever we have called him.once again thanks doc

Reading my comments Dr. Aslam called, though was on an international travel understood my matter called me and did over and above to support the case. He gave all directions and insights how to mange and had complete knowledge to handle this specially knowing its COVID and considering her age element.Thank you Dr. Aslam for

Although we were initially sceptical about transferring my mother from Dubai to Mumbai with Sara’s as Rita has indicated, I went with them as two known friends had recommended Dr Aslam’s team. The speed at which he managed to put all the transfer arrangements in place while not being physically present in Dubai was amazing.

We are very grateful to Mr. Adnan and his team for airlifting my father very safely without any discomfort. The Team is technically sound and are able to manage any critical situation during journey. We will always recommend others to take his services for hassle free travel. They managed to get everything on track in

My mother who is suffering from lung disease and who requires oxygen on a continuous basis had come to mumbai along with my father from Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. Both of them are old.After treatment they were supposed to return back to Jalpaiguri via Bagdogra by flight. Initially the airlines had promised to provide oxygen on


Mr.adnan from SARAS rescue was extremely professional in handling the patient from DXB to Chennai. We are pleased and extremely grateful for their service. We strongly recommend SARAS Rescue to anyone who is looking for Air ambulance services. Once again thank you

Peer mohamed

Excellent work , very much keen on his work and an amazing person too ma sha

Dr.Adnan altaf

Dr. Aslam and team,I would like to express whole hearted gratitude to all of you. You are a great team of skilled professionals, who ensure best service is provided. Dr. Aslam personally gets involved and see that everything is taken care of timely and safely.More strength and power to all of


Very good experience in availing air ambulance transport between patna & delhi for my aunt. Great personal support and responsiveness from Dr. Aslam at every step and we’ll co-ordinated and comfortable transfer. Three cheers to the Saras


I am very happy with the service provided by your company. I sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service and the level of accountability you have demonstrated..Thankyou once

Hareesh Nayak
Dear Dr. AslamWe are very grateful to you and your team for airlifting my Brother in Law, very safely without any discomfort. The Team was very technically sound and are able to manage any critical situation during this journey considering the situation because he was on ventilator and moved to ECMO. We Will refer your

Raman Shrivastava

We were very happy with the service. The doctor and nurse for very kind and helpful we would recommend the service to

Asif shaw

Dr Aslamwe are very thankful to you for shifting my father from Chennai to Delhi. your team has provided excellent service. we are thankful that you provided services in very short notice. thank you for your services Dr Vikas

Dr vikas aggarwal

Dr Aslamwe are very thankful to you for shifting my father from Chennai to Delhi. your team has provided excellent service. we are thankful that you provided services in very short notice. thank you for your services Dr Vikas

I have no words to thank saras and dr khan for his exemplary work of airlifting in very short notice my relative from kolkata to delhi on 26 June 16 for immediate specialist medical attention. The promptness, smooth logistics and medical support provided throughout is worthy of high appteciation.Thanks & RegardsNabik SyamAssistant General ManagerCorporate Legal


Dear Dr. Aslam,We could not thank you enough for your prompt and timely assistance in airlifting our patient from Guwahati to Kolkata. No matter what happens to our patient but you will be remembered by all of us that I can assure. Will recommend you to everyone.Regards,Dr. Arghya

Dr. Arghya Deb
Dr. Aslam khan , MD of Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. , came to save life of Sadiq Ali Sulaiman , Thodupuzha in dammam " and succefully transferred to medical trust hospital , kochi from Dammam Central Hospital by air with complete machinery support. Appreciable 24hours Service Air Ambulance Road Ambulance Train Ambulance Helpline Sharing this information


Grt!!! I would say the service was ontime no issues from my domestic airport Barauli to Dum Dum Kolkata. Doctors were up to the mark and they did their best while flying.Captians were co operative.I will say thar we reach Dum Dum in 1 hr 20 mins approx.Thank you all………Regards,

Mayank Bhaskar

Dear Dr AslamThank you for taking such a dynamic step and shifting the patient successfully Dubai to Manila.We will take utilize your services when required..Best regards Dr


I am satisfied with your service. You transferred my husband very carefully and cautiosly. No

Mrs Darshani
Thanks Dr.Aslam . You airlifted my friend out of Kanpur safely ! You were truly God’s man that day … we called you at 3:30 am in the morning and by 9 am yoh had taken persmissuons , made arrangements and the flight touch down Lucknow exactly at 9;00 am … miraculous ! Thanks for

Mansi Agarwal

Iam very thankful for the service rendered by your team, even though it is a paid service . I pray God to give long life to do more services like this. Thank you once

Our Ref No: BOM/CT/PH/240616/15485331 Dr Aslam AzadEmail: sarasrescue@gmail.comDear Dr Azad,This has reference to your travel on flight 9W 4264 from Kolkata to Delhi on June 09, 2016.On behalf of Jet Airways, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your timely medical assistance aboard our flight. We hold utmost regard for the promptness and

With respect here by it is complimented that during transfer of patient Mr.Maqsoodur Rehman from Dubai to Islamabad by commercial stretcher on ventilator on 07 July 2016, escorted Dr.Aslam Perwez khan did an excellent job during all his journey, He attended the patient with full care & concentration . regardless of a long journey i

Dr.Wajid Abbasi
I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Aslam for the unprecedented support and care he provided me during the traumatic situation I was facing in a country where I had no family and relatives.What he has done for me in a short time span is commendable. He played the role of an elder brother, friend

From: Prasanta Baruah <>Date: 20 July 2016 at 09:49:51 ISTTo: sarasrescue@gmail.comCc: sarashospital@gmail.comSubject: Acknowledgement of Dr KhanDear Sir,We really appreciate Dr Aslam P Khan who has helped us extremely toovercome our problems and airlift our son Karan Raj Baruah on 9th July2016 from International Hospital, Guwahati to Sir Gangaram Hospital,New Delhi. In our entire period of

Dr Aslam and his team transferred my mother, who was on a ventilator and severely injured in an accident, from Jabalpur to New Delhi on October 15, 2016.The care, attention to detail, and professionalism on display was admirable. Dr Aslam took extra care to ensure that chances of infection were minimised, with their protocol of


We are grateful n satisfied ….with your hospitality & quick service….hoping your same services in

Rajeev Brahma

Hi sir It was a good experience. Thanks to the team and Mr Aslam Who transported my brother from Dubai to Chandigarh Thanks a

Kamal Singh
Dear Dr Aslam, we are so grateful and indebted to you for safely air lifting my sick loved one from Bangalore to a small island in the Pacific. When all doors seemed to have closed, you came as an angel in our lives. Because of you, we all managed to reach home and be united


Thanks a lot Mr. Aslam.Really it was first and nice experience for us. We are pleased for your attendance and take care of our patient.I like to invite you again in Bangladesh for travel and enjoy with

Dear Sir, Pl see my feelings /feedback about ur Excellent service in the attachment.Sincerely Yours,bani kumar dev sarmaMy experience /feelings with the services of M/s Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. , specially Dr. Aslam P Khan ( Guwahati, 25 Sept 2016)One Shri Kunal Pathak, about 25 years of age, son of my friend Shri R. Pathak , retired

Greetings..!!My friend met with an accident at Leh on 15th Aug 2017. We bought him to Chandigarh on 18th. From that day we were trying so many options to bring him back to Pune safely. Medically he was not fit to travel by air and I was really not aware of train ambulance services. While

Amit kulkarni
From: "Swasti lal" <>Date: 23 Sep 2017 17:48Subject: Re: Fiji Patient Air Lifted To Fiji from BangaloreTo:sarasrescue@gmaul.comCc: "" <>, "" <>Greetings ManpreetThis is Swasti here. I wrote to you a few months ago seeking assistance and information on how to safely airlift my mum Surjan Lal from Bangalore back home to Fiji. I did not


Need rail ambulance from pune to ahmedabad for a 75 year old male patient . Stable but bedridden

bhavna Ghatge

It was wonderful experience workin with SARAS Excellent service and smooth execution of


Thank you Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. team. Rameez, you were so considerate and helpful during this process. Ramakant also gave us so much confidence during the journey. Thank you for the smooth

Sunita Uchil

Thanq very much for shifting my grandson,Shravan,safely and very professional way on 2nd feb 2018 from Dubai to Kims hospital trivandrum Kerala.Hats off to your team for this wonderful job and saving the patient. May his bless

Dr PE jayakumar
My heart felt concerns to team Saras rescue team From pilot Doc Aslam sir to the whole team of Saras it was very smooth and the moment we met doc Aslam sir the account of positive vibes bank was opened and the same way it was experienced in the whole journey .he is a smile

Prashant parekh

Dear SARAS team,This is to say THANK YOU to each one of you – Rameez, Ramakant, Dr. Abhilash, Anil & to Dr. Aslam for the support & professionalism shown, well planned & well executed shifting of my mother from Dubai to Bengaluru.Keep up the good job & wish you all the very best.Kind


thanks to your team and i appreciate the work of rameez and

jaskaran singh



It was an outstanding service we received from Dr. Aslam Parvez.He came to our rescue as a real hero. He safely and conveniently transferred my mother from Saudi Arabia to India on stretcher. Our family owe him and Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. big time.May god bless him and this organization.Thanks,Abdul

Abdul Baqi

Thank you Mr. Rameez and team for your

Ravichandra Rao
Hi Dr Aslam ! This is Rajiv Merchant ! I met u in the flight on our way from dubai to mumbai in jet airways ! Hope u had reached safely with the baby and all went well. Sir I must say the care and caution taken by you was immense ! I noticed you


Excellent Service. Thanks to Dr Aslam for all his support attention and also to the entire team. Thank you all. Simon us improving doctors are trying to take hm off the ventilator slowly. Over all he is showing

Soon Michael fetnandes

Dr Aslam got my mom to Mumbai via air ambulance from DUBAI.It was a very crucial time as my mother was very critical but dr Aslam did a fabulous job of taking the upmost Caren got mom safely .God bless him n his team for the wonderful

Anita kalwani
Dr.Aslam is not only doctor he is really next to God… My friend Ajay kr.Dubey is in very critical possition on life support system in Dubai was very difficult to shift him india Delhi but Dr. Aslam did it …I hv no words for dr. Aslam and his team they hv extra professionlism

Vinod Dubey

Thanks a lot Dr Aslam for your outstanding support.You have very proficient medical staff and the other team members.our critically ill patient was transported with utmost care.God bless


Your service was very good in transporting my father from Bharuch to U. S. It was quite organized and

Mahjabeen Ahmed
Dr. Aslam,Your abilities & thankfulness could not be described in words but still to sum it all in words its "Gods effort in human life".Today (16.08.19) was fourth such effort of Dr.Aslam for my family, yes believe it 4th in last 5 years.Sir, while I pray not to add my name any further in your

Rahul khetan

SO nice service provided by Saras

Subject: A talk on SARAS RESCUE & DR.ASLAM A Great Person named Dr.Aslam came to help us when we were in a critical point.Our youngest son, who was struggling with life in Kalinga Hospital,was to be shifted to The Global Hospital of Hyderabad within a short period means as soon as possible.He was suffering from

From: Satyanarayan Mishra <> Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 23:28:30 0530To: <>Subject: A talk on SARAS RESCUE ‘, ‘aHR0cDovL3d3dy5zYXJhc2FtYnVsYW5jZS5jb20vZmVlZGJhY2sv’, ‘1378560330’),(14, ‘SATYANARAYAN’, ‘’, ‘From: Satyanarayan Mishra <> Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 23:28:30 0530To: <>Subject: A talk on SARAS RESCUE ‘, ‘aHR0cDovL3d3dy5zYXJhc2FtYnVsYW5jZS5jb20vZmVlZGJhY2sv’, ‘1378652895’),(16, ‘DR.NITIN’, ‘’, ‘ Hello AslamIt is nice to know you.As talked, let us


I am very thankful to Saras rescue to save me during shift one to another place. More thanks to Dr. Aslam to save my life. He is so carefull person.Many thanksDeepesh

Deepesh rana

we offer day night ambulance service all over india at reasonable

m/s sadguru ambulance service

we offer day night ambulance service all over india at reasonable

suhas dagdu gaikwad
I am glad with experience have had with Saras Air Ambulance services being provided to us. it’s been great & unique experience that we Indians usually find in European Countries. but here in India, Saras Ambulance has made it possible. the entire team was well equipped & extra smart to fight with any bad situation

Abdul Haq (CRPF)
From: Satyanarayan Mishra <> Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 23:28:30 0530To: <>Subject: A talk on SARAS RESCUE ‘, ‘aHR0cDovL3d3dy5zYXJhc2FtYnVsYW5jZS5jb20vZmVlZGJhY2sv’, ‘1379684259’),(21, ‘MANOJ SHARMA’, ‘’, ‘Dear Dr. Aslam,I am writing here to convey my gratitude towards the splendid service you and your team has provided to my Fufaji, who was transferred yesterday from Guwahati to Delhi.He was

From: vivek mishra <>Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 16:06:18 0530To: <>Subject: Appreciation!!!Dear Dr.Aslam, Greetings for the day!! I must write and share my experience with Saras Air-Ambulance Team. I came across Saras Air-Ambulance while searching for air-ambulance services on Google.I was assigned a job to find the air-ambulance provider for the purpose of medical evacuation

On Friday, 19 April 2013 12:16 AM, Tariq Parray <> wrote:—– Forwarded Message —–From: Tariq Parray <>To: "" <> Sent: Monday, April 15, 2013 12:30 AMSubject: BEST AIR AMBULANCE SERVICE PROVIDED; "Thanking you All" BEST AIR AMBULANCE SERVICE PROVIDED;We would like to express our appreciation for the prompt and courteous professionalism we have received by


Thank you so so much Doctor Aslam !!!!!!! U are an angel!!!! Your help has been fantastic and may Allah bless you and your family! U really helped my mother so much!XAVIER

Xavier George

Hey,I am working in VK Global Digital Pvt Ltd, Faridabad.My company want a letter from your side that in any accident you will provide as a ambulance service. We will make a contact on annual basis. So please provide the quotation for the same.My contact No is – 0129-7117719 /

Ashish Arora
Dear Dr. Aslam,Wish to convey my regards to your team for the excellent service. I was very happy with your service in helping us transport my grandmother from VIZAG to Hyderabad. I was in touch with several people for "Air ambulance" services, but could not find any one reliable. Also, upon further inquiry found out

Ritesh Karnani
it’s been great to know about such hassle free air ambulance services provided by Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. Team. Dinesh : +91-9871715646coverage done by HT – Chandigarh Edition:-Comatose African student airlifted to his countryZoomBookmarkSharePrintListenTranslateFrom page 01 PATIALA: He came to India to become a computer professional, but Burundi national Yannick Nihangaza, who has been in coma for

Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd., i dont have words to convey the gratitude. Professionalism with personal touch, efficiency with effectiveness. They keep promise.In our case a patient who sustained injury in accident case was initially admitted in Jhansi hospital. He had his 5 ribs fractured, multiple clots in brain so family members wanted to bring him to Delhi

Neeraj sharma
Dear Dr.Aslam & TeamHospital on Wheels…Thats how i should describe & sincerely thank Dr.Aslam and his entire team for their utter professionalism and dedication shown towards their services through Air Ambulance as well as Train Ambulance.My father had to be flown out to Kolkatta from Guwahati on the 10th of Jan 2015 due to lung

Javed Ahmed
Excellent service by Dr Aslam and his entire team. I have taken train ambulance for my father who was in little critical condition. The way team Aslam did his hob is really really very well. During the entire operation they were taking care more than the hospital where my father was admitted. I really appreciate

Dear Dr. AslamThis is to place on record the excellent service provided by you and your team during the transfer of one of our colleagues Mr. Dinesh Poojary from Ajman , UAE to Mangalore India .On Behalf of our entire team we would like to say a very big Thank You to you and Dr.

Sunil Kumar AC
Dear Dr Aslam Just a short note to say how very grateful my family and I are to you for your dedication, professionalism and excellent care shown to my mother Mrs Meena Mohanlall, during her transfer from Delhi Fortis Hospital to Durban South Africa.When I initially visualised the journey, I was filled with great concern

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