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Air is the fastest method of transporting critically ill patients from one medical facility to another. We offer multiple aircraft options to meet individual needs and budget considerations. All planes are equipment with state-of-the art life support equipment to meet the critical care needs of the patient.

Our air ambulances are flying ICU’s, fully equipped to meet the needs of your patients. Each aircraft is inspected regularly and uses state-of-the-art medical equipments.

SARAS Rescue offers medical transport services that are caring, compassionate and cost effective. Our medical transport options are based on the patient condition, the urgency of travel and financial considerations. Whether domestic or international travel is required our team of aero-medically trained professionals follow strict medical transport procedures and protocol, with the patient’s well-being as our primary consideration.


ECMO transfer

ECMO transfer by air ambulance worldwide




Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is a procedure during which blood oxygenation and cardiac function are performed by a mechanical pump outside the body. It is a way to provide breathing and heart support. ECMO uses a type of artificial lung called a membrane oxygenator to oxygenate the blood, oxygenator takes over some of the work of the lungs, by exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide, and the pump takes over some of the work of the heart. It combines with a warmer and a filter to supply oxygen to the blood and return it to the body.

It’s usually used for critically ill patients with heart or lung disorders. ECMO is not a treatment or cure for a heart or lung disease; rather it substitutes for the work of the heart and lungs, thus allowing them to “rest” while doctors treat the underlying condition. ECMO maintains blood flow and oxygenation to the vital organs (liver, kidney, brain), so that the function of these organs are maintained while the heart or the lungs recover.

How does ECMO work?

The ECMO machine has many connecting pieces and moving parts. It consists primarily of a pump and a circuit made up of a membrane (artificial lung), a blood warmer and a filter. The machine removes blue blood (without oxygen), from patient and pumps it through the membrane where it receives oxygen and becomes red. The blood is warmed, filtered and returned to patient. ECMO is used in two different ways depending on patient’s needs:

• Veno-arterial (VA) ECMO is used to support both heart and lung function. Blood is drained from a vein and returned to an artery which transports the oxygenated blood to organs and other body tissues where it is needed.
• Veno-venous (VV) ECMO is used to support lung function. Blood is drained from the vein, oxygenated and then returned to the vein, where it is pumped through the heart to arteries that carry the oxygenated blood to organs and other body tissues.

ECMO support is established by the surgical placement of large IV-like catheters, known as cannulae, into veins and arteries. A team of surgeons inserts the cannulae, while a perfusionist prepares the ECMO circuit. Another team of ICU physicians and nurses closely monitors patient Once the cannulae are inserted and secured, the ECMO circuit is connected to the cannulae and the pump is started.

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Whether it is a sudden illness, an accident, or a life-threatening emergency, air ambulance services ensure that patients receive the medical attention they need as quickly as possible. The medical teams onboard air ambulances are equipped to handle a variety of medical emergencies and provide life-saving treatments, such as advanced life support, critical care, and more.

The air ambulance aircraft are designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment for patients, with amenities such as private beds, oxygen, and monitoring equipment. These aircraft are equipped with the latest medical equipment and staffed by trained medical professionals, making them ideal for transporting patients with complex medical needs.

If you or a loved one requires emergency medical transportation, contact an air ambulance service today. The medical teams will work closely with you and your healthcare provider to coordinate the best possible care and transport for your needs. Don’t wait – trust the professionals to provide you with the highest quality air ambulance services available.

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