Dear Sir,
Pl see my feelings /feedback about ur Excellent service in the attachment.
Sincerely Yours,
bani kumar dev sarma
My experience /feelings with the services of M/s Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. , specially Dr. Aslam P Khan ( Guwahati, 25 Sept 2016)
One Shri Kunal Pathak, about 25 years of age, son of my friend Shri R. Pathak , retired Govt Officer, met with a serious bike accident in the last week of August 2016 and suffered multiple fractures with chest injury etc. He was hospitalised in Guwahati but before due treatment to his fractures, he had breathing problem. So he was put on artificial respiratory/ventilation system and it took about 2 weeks to come to his normal breathing. As his condition was extremely critical, his father decided to shift him to Delhi for better treatment but problem was how to shift such a patient to Delhi even by air without an accompanying Doctor with Expertise in dealing with such a critical patient. Ultimately, we came to know about M/s Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. from one Doctor of Gangaram hospital. The father of the patient was in a very tense situation and requested me to talk with M/ Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. and take a decision on his behalf. I talked over phone to Dr. Aslam P Khan of M/s Saras rescue on 19 Sept evening and sent a mail with details in the night. To my utter surprise but Great satisfaction , I received reply mail from Dr.Aslam in the early morning of 20 Sept and also phone call from hin before 7 am. It shows his Sincerity, Dedication and Timely service to save the life of a critical patient like Kunal. I was fully convinced with his genuineness and immediately informed the father of the patient that if at all he wants to shift his son to Delhi then Dr. Aslam is the Right person for the purpose who assured me to make all arrangement for shifting the patient from Guwahati hospital bed to Delhi hospital bed like booking of air ticket, ambulance, emergency treatment during journey if needed and also hospital room at Delhi as per our choice etc. As per my suggestion, the father of the son came to me and we deposited necessary amount in the bank account of M/s Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. on 20 Sept morning. Then I requested Dr Aslam to make the earliest possible arrangement. At about 3 pm on the same day Dr Aslam informed me that all arrangements done and he is coming next day 21 Sept to shift the patient on 22 Sept. We were really surprised but so happy with such prompt arrangement specially room at the hospital as per our choice which we could not have done so quickly. As per plan Dr. Aslam arrived Guwahati on 21 Sept and directly came from the airport to the hospital at Guwahati to see the patient. On 22 Sept, the patient was safely shifted to Delhi with his 2 family members and after admitting him at the Gangaram hospital, Dr. Aslam called me at around 9.30 pm and said Mr. Sarma , my mission completed successfully. I have no words to express my thanks and express feelings of satisfaction.
I feel M/s Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. under the able guidance of Dr.Aslam P Khan is doing Great humanitarian job and providing Excellent Services in such medical Emergency . We just could not imagine that such services and All arrangements are possible in such a short time. But, it is really possible when Dr Aslam is entrusted. . . . .
With sincere Regards to Dr. Aslam P Khan & M/s Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd.
Bani Kumar Dev Sarma
094355 46459
084139 62410

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