From: Prasanta Baruah <>
Date: 20 July 2016 at 09:49:51 IST
Subject: Acknowledgement of Dr Khan
Dear Sir,
We really appreciate Dr Aslam P Khan who has helped us extremely to
overcome our problems and airlift our son Karan Raj Baruah on 9th July
2016 from International Hospital, Guwahati to Sir Gangaram Hospital,
New Delhi. In our entire period of journey, he was very very helpful
and instrumental in reducing our anxiety & worries in shifting patient
to the hospital. He was very supportive and friendly to the patient
which really helped the patient to be calm and tension free during the
journey. We are very happy and amazed to meet such a wonderful person.
We wish him a very successful and wonderful life.
With our best regards,
Prasanta Baruah & Bandana Baruah

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