Subject: A talk on SARAS RESCUE & DR.ASLAM

A Great Person named Dr.Aslam came to help us when we were in a critical point.Our youngest son, who was struggling with life in Kalinga Hospital,was to be shifted to The Global Hospital of Hyderabad within a short period means as soon as possible.He was suffering from Septicemia-a serious, life-threatening infection.He was going to die.In this situation we were helpless & hopeless too.But Dr.Aslam came to us like an Angel & shifted our son to The Global Hospital.Here is a point-””Doctors do not give the chance to the patient to survive.They only do treatment applying drugs.But Dr.Aslam gave a chance to our son to survive””.It is a Great thing.So Dr.Aslam is GREAT.He shifted our son by Air Ambulance carefully without giving us a little time to feel uneasy.Several treatments done by him in the flight carefully.We astonished marking his efforts.He was an Angel for us as well as for our son also.God bless him always.
SARAS RESCUE-It is not a title only.Nobody can imagine it”s value.It provides an unbelievable service.We all generally know A critical patient is shifted for the better treatment from one hospital to another.But there is another thing which is important,that is time factor.Where one second is most valuable for the patient,SARAS RESCUE decreases the time span means gives additional hope for survival.It is very simple that ””where SARAS RESCUE there is additional hope””.But the credit goes to Dr.Aslam only.Because he is GREAT.

Thanks & Regards

Sanjay Kumar Singh
AGM – Business Development
New Markets
Global Hospitals Group
Mob. – (+91)8897509043

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