My mother who is suffering from lung disease and who requires oxygen on a continuous basis had come to mumbai along with my father from Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. Both of them are old.
After treatment they were supposed to return back to Jalpaiguri via Bagdogra by flight. Initially the airlines had promised to provide oxygen on board the flight to my mother. However after the pandemic lockdown the airlines informed that they could not provide the oxygen.
My parents were stuck in Mumbai. 10 months passed and they were very tensed and desperate to return to their home.
Then my brother contacted Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. and Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. took over. They planned everything and took my mother and father back home via flight with provision of in flight Oxygen.
They provided Bed to Bed Service.
Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd. is a highly trained and motivated group providing emergency rescue services.
Particular mention should be made of Dr. Aslam who personally flew in from Delhi to Mumbai to accompany my parents to Bagdogra Airport and his associate accompanied my parents right up to their house and ensured that my mother was comfortable.
My sincere thanks to Dr. Aslam who made my parents comfortable and support to my parents on the journey.
Hats off to Saras Rescue Pvt. Ltd..

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