Dear Dr. Aslam,
There are no words to admire your service where we were in deep hopelessness to bring my brother -in- law form DMC Hospital Dammam to cochin medical trust for better treatment on 21 April 2016 .
We spent almost one week with local social workers for the mobilization of the patient .
The RTA was so serious, not possible to move without ventilator and the DMC doctors were not confident to release the patient since they were not aware about the SARAS services, even the Jet Airlines team , the social worker & myself was not so confident to trust SARAS as no such case happened in past from Saudi Arabia in the past.
The hospital team were so happy with your attitude,appearance and the professionalism in handling the critical patient alone confidently and they also collect your contact details to handle any anlikely cases may happen in future.
Though I was worried, your behave , dearness, peaceful approach made me relax and took sound sleep for 2 hours in 4.5 hrs journey !!
Making an apology here as I am updating you late about the patient condition as I was running behind the issues related to the RTA case , difficult to manage in short vacation period.
The patient reached safely as scheduled in the safe hand of the medical team and his condition improving. He is absolutely free from the ventilator and started breathing perfect , normal BP, no fever and completed the MRI today awaiting doctors direction further.
Your amazing service made the feeling that you are my family member , all our family’s’ prayer for you.
May Almighty bless you.

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